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Toula Judging Pet Trick Competition on Sat, Oct 18

October 15, 2008

Looking for something fun to do this Saturday?  Take a trip to lovely Plainwell for Pumpkins in the Park from 11 – 3 pm.  At 11:30 Toula will be one of three judges for the Allegan County Public Library’s Best Pet Trick competition which will take place between 11:30 and 1 pm.  If you are interested in signing up your pet, contact the Ransom Public Library at 269-685-8024.

How exactly does a dog judge a pet trick competition?   Come on, you are talking about America’s Most Talented Pet and don’t think she won’t be cheering on and giving a few high fives to the pet she thinks does some outstanding behaviors. 

We will keep you posted on Toula’s future appearances at Plainwell’s Ransom Public Library which will include the review of Marley and Me.  You won’t see Jennifer Aniston or the Marley dog actor there, so Christine and Toula will have to do!  And no, Toula will not be getting her hair dyed blond for this gig!

Be the leader!