Love is in the air…give to a dog that will truly care!

February 14, 2012

Make Valentine’s Day so much sweeter!   WHATADOG would like to ask fellow dog lovers to forego buying the flowers and chocolates today and instead use that money to make a donation to your favorite rescue group in your loved ones name.
The use of that money can help provide food, vet care and monthly Heartworm prevention medicine as well as so much more.
If you are unsure of a rescue group, look at, unfortunately there are hundreds of groups to choose from.


From all of the rescue dogs here at WHATADOG, thank you!

Watch Cole & Toula in the Chevy Volt commercial

January 28, 2012

It is rumored that this commercial may possibly air during the Super Bowl.  Keep an eye out for it and watch for Cole and Toula.

Beer for dogs?

January 11, 2012

image Last week while I was in Chicago a man walked into the hotel bar with his dog.  He left his dog with some people at a nearby table and approached the bar and ordered a non alcoholic beer, asked for a wide rimmed glassed, told the bartender his dog gets the first drink and headed back to his dog.   And, he poured the beer into the glass and sure enough the dog had the first drink. 
Humm….my immediate thought, what an interesting bond the two have?
So in light of this experience my niece just happens to send me this link: Bowser Beer!
Appeently there is a market for dog beer! So the question is: do you serve your dog beer and if so, are you a responsible dog owner who avoids giving your dog alcohol?
I personally have never given my dogs alcohol, but I just may have to try a Bowser Beer!

Changes for puppy mills are coming!

January 4, 2012

Thank you President Obama for listening to the thousands of people that signed the petition regarding USDA standards for puppy mills including internet sales from such puppy mills.

Trick for treats!

November 2, 2011

This year none of the WHATADOG pack dressed up for Halloween, well other than Toula.  She dressed up as herself; Toula the dog actor extrodinaire!   Although I saw some amazing dog costumes that were both cute and creative Team WHATADOG was not into the whole outfit thing.  
Apparently word from  the WHATADOG pack is that I spared them from K9 humiliation from their contemporaries.  Annie and Cole weren’t into the idea and as leader of the pack, what Annie says goes!
I hope all the K9s and their ownershome who did take part had a safe and merry halloween!

Is there such a thing as too many dog beds?

October 25, 2011


How many dog beds are in your home?  Dog beds are like shoes ……you can never have too many and there’s no such thing as an “everyday” one.  I like to give my dogs options when it comes to their comfort.
There are the beds that allow digging to ensure just the right fluff, Annie is very particular about her comfort, the fluffier the better! Then there’s the tiny square flannel bed that ensures warmth.   This bed allows the K9 body to curl up into a ball half its true size while sleeping and their nose is buried so deep that I wonder how they can breath:  Toula and Annie each have their own signature “ball snooze.”  When Keegan sleeps like this he basically looks like a dust ball.
Next is the orthopedic bed: let’s face it, this is a bed for all ages of dogs!  This is the Ahhhhh bed that beckons my dogs to sleep on their side and stretch out and enter the dream world.  Cole has recently taken a liking to this bed and I’m please to see the “point” dog get some Z’s!  Of course if Cole likes this bed then Max likes it too….there are no reservations for this bed as it is on a first come bases, the boys are starting to grasp this at bedtime.
Every home needs a dog bed that replicates a couch …the one with a cushion and sides.  Annie, Keegan and Max have select times of enjoying this bed,  Toula and Cole find it to be over rated and never sleep in it.  Toula’s favorite bed, if I dare call it that, is a leather chair that was purchased from the set of Cripple when we finished filming.   During filming Toula found the leather chair to be comfy, so I bought it for her. She certainly earned it! 
The most stylish dog bed is Annie’s thrown: a plush bean bag bed.  This bed is Annie’s and never has another dog ever even put a paw on it.  Not because of rules I’ve invoked, rather it is an understanding of the pack: only the Queen Annie shall lay in the thrown.   There was never a fight just a K9 understanding,  and I’m sure the rest of the dogs think its over rated anyway!
So what is the total dog bed count here at WHATADOG?  Dare I admit that there are at least twice as many beds as dogs?  And let’s not forget the summer “outdoor” beds for R&R while laying around the campfire…
So next time you see dog beds in a store ponder which one your dog would like….and what the heck buy it because you can never have enough dog beds!

Why Adopt and Not Buy?

October 19, 2011

As a proud owner of rescue dogs and a person who supports rescue and is involved in fostering these dogs, I had to share this article.
All too often people have  misconceptions that if they buy a puppy rather than adopt a rescue puppy or dog, they will get “exactly” what they want. 
Please take the time to read this article below and share it with family and friends…help educate people which will in turn save a dog!

New trick time!

October 17, 2011


I’m currently working on teaching Toula (right) a new trick and Cole (left) decided that he wants to learn it too!  So now the “competition” is on as to who will learn it first.   This will involve two different teaching methods …teaching dogs is not cookie cutter, you have to tap into the dog’s individual personality and always make it fun for the dog!

Do dogs have bad hair days?

October 13, 2011


Keegan did his own hair this morning …he is calling it the “wild child” do! 

How happy is your dog?

August 19, 2011


It’s difficult not to notice how happy Toula is…..all the time.    If she is not sleeping she cast a perpetual smile which of course is contagious.  And what exactly makes Toula such a happy dog?  I have to attribute it to the social skills and bonding we when she was a puppy.  One of which was making sure all the training we did was fun!  Those components make her a confident dog whose mission, I’m certain, is to simply bring me lots of laughter and unconditional companionship.  When Toula smiles and her tail wags it safe to say you will see a smile on my face too!
Take the time to enjoy your dog’s happiness ….it will make you happy too!