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Vacation for your dog? Camp WHATADOG!

April 4, 2012


When you go on vacation does your dog go too?  We all love the idea of taking our dog with us on vacation but sometimes the circumstances simply don’t allow.  So then what?  
Like most dog owners, Buddy’s owners wanted him to have a fun time while they were away on vacation.  So they called and asked me if he could come to Camp WHATADOG. 
Spending time with my pack,  playing in the lake and having a family dog setting is exactly the thing that gave them peace of mind while they vacationed.
Thanks to my WHATADOG pack every dog has a pal to play with at camp.
Camp WHATADOG is an elite vacation for dogs that want to have fun and go home tired!!!

Pack dynamics, can they change?

January 20, 2011

Pack dynamics, can they change?  Absolutely! After nearly two years of living together, today for the first time, Cole and Max played with each other outside.  Max engaged Cole in a game of up close fun and run and Cole decided to partake.  The communication of play between these two dogs is a huge milestone, and I have to say I am very proud of how far both of these dogs have come!  

Max is my foster dog and has been living with Team WHATADOG for nearly two years.  In those two years Max and I have been through a lot.  If there was ever the term, “I was his last chance” this was truly the situation for Max.  Other trainers told the owner to put Max to sleep, I offered to evaluate Max and see what the real issues were.  Aggression is a term that many people speak but rarely understand.  This is a whole other blog topic!

Today I shall smile with happiness knowing that a dog, Max, that never knew how to play with other dogs got to experience the true meaning of a pack and got to enjoy being a dog!  I have my dogs to thank for much of Max’s success.