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Toula entertains Tree of Life School kids

April 12, 2012


Toula enjoyed an afternoon of entertaining the children at Tree of Life School in Kalamazoo MI.
Every child had the opportunity to personally meet Toula and some even got to work with Toula.
It was a great day and the kids did an awesome job!

Vacation for your dog? Camp WHATADOG!

April 4, 2012


When you go on vacation does your dog go too?  We all love the idea of taking our dog with us on vacation but sometimes the circumstances simply don’t allow.  So then what?  
Like most dog owners, Buddy’s owners wanted him to have a fun time while they were away on vacation.  So they called and asked me if he could come to Camp WHATADOG. 
Spending time with my pack,  playing in the lake and having a family dog setting is exactly the thing that gave them peace of mind while they vacationed.
Thanks to my WHATADOG pack every dog has a pal to play with at camp.
Camp WHATADOG is an elite vacation for dogs that want to have fun and go home tired!!!

It’s not just a sign…

March 27, 2012


I had to share this sign, it says it all!  I often get referred to as that “Dog Lady” when meeting new people or even better when someone introduces me,  and my typical response is “why yes I am! ”
I’ve alway acknowledged that there are far worse things to be called and at last this sign says it all!  Now if I could only find out where I could purchase the sign!

Trick for treats!

November 2, 2011

This year none of the WHATADOG pack dressed up for Halloween, well other than Toula.  She dressed up as herself; Toula the dog actor extrodinaire!   Although I saw some amazing dog costumes that were both cute and creative Team WHATADOG was not into the whole outfit thing.  
Apparently word from  the WHATADOG pack is that I spared them from K9 humiliation from their contemporaries.  Annie and Cole weren’t into the idea and as leader of the pack, what Annie says goes!
I hope all the K9s and their ownershome who did take part had a safe and merry halloween!

Do dogs have bad hair days?

October 13, 2011


Keegan did his own hair this morning …he is calling it the “wild child” do! 

Water fun!

July 30, 2011



Team WHATADOG had been enjoying the summer and honing their skills on the paddle and bogey boards.  Keegan enjoys solo surfing on the bogey board and is getting to be a pro at riding the waves.  Toula, Max and Cole and Keegan enjoy riding the paddle board as a pack.  I make it a point to include my dogs in all things fun, however Annie has decided that fun and water are for the other dogs!  Enjoy the hot weather and make sure your dogs get plenty of water and limited exposure to the hot sun.

Pet Expo this weekend at the Delta Plex

April 1, 2011

On Saturday, April 2, 2011, WHATADOG will be at the Grand Rapids Pet Expo where we will lend our support to Great Lakes Golden Retriever Rescue.  At 1:00 pm we will take center stage.  Come out and support a great cause and hear about a few rescue dogs that have made it on the Hollywood screen as well as what makes rescue dogs one of WHATADOG’s favorite dog in the world!

Follow WHATADOG on Facebook!

January 20, 2011

Become a Facebook fan of WHATADOG and follow the adventures, advice and never ending K9 topics.  There is the weekly “WHY NOT WEDNESDAY”, “PONDER THAT” and “DO TELL”  ……its always something new!  Its real life with a dog trainer and her dogs!

Fun in the Sun!

September 3, 2009
Toula enjoying the boat ride with friends

Toula enjoying the boat ride with friends

Yesterday, I decided the dogs and I needed a few hours of relaxing and fun!  So I did what every dog owner in my situation would do: I invited my dogs’ friends and owner over for some lake fun!

Cole Toula Jake Max have fun at Pine Lake

Toula, Jake, Max & Cole having fun at Pine Lake

It was a warm sunny day and the conditions were perfect for beach fun and a boat ride with the dogs.  In total, we had seven dogs on the boat. Every one of the seven dogs is a rescue dog!  Each one has their own level of enjoyment when it comes to water, or lack there of!

The biggest highlight of the day came from Sasha, the white, perky eared, smallest of Border collies on the excursion.  Sasha is a special girl, and not so much because she is deaf, but because of her pure enjoyment of life and perpetual smile.  And most importantly, this is a dog that less than two years ago would have been the instigator of severe dog fights and would not have been able to enjoy the day off lead with the rest of the pack.   Today, however, she is a happy well adjusted dog and loves the company of her dog friends. And her owner couldn’t be happier for Sasha!

Sasha enjoys the water and swims for the first time!

Sasha enjoys the water and swims for the first time!

Perhaps Sasha’s new lease on life is what prompted her to take part in the joy of being part of the pack, or maybe it was peer pressure from her dog friends.  Either way, this 7 year old girl swam for the first time in her life!  On her own, she walked through the water and when the ball was thrown, and the other dogs swam after it, Sasha couldn’t resist, she was off and swimming.  I must say, she swam like a pro and seemed to be very pound of the new hobby.

Sasha loving boat life with her dog friends

Sasha loving boat life with her dog friends

A special thanks to Toula, Cole, Max, Keegan, Annie and Jake for making Sasha’s day a special one and for the wonderful memories I will carry of our day of Fun in the Sun!  And for Sasha’s owners, I’m sure they are still in awe over Sasha swimming!

View Sasha swiming at :

Now get out and do something fun with your dog!