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Vacation for your dog? Camp WHATADOG!

April 4, 2012


When you go on vacation does your dog go too?  We all love the idea of taking our dog with us on vacation but sometimes the circumstances simply don’t allow.  So then what?  
Like most dog owners, Buddy’s owners wanted him to have a fun time while they were away on vacation.  So they called and asked me if he could come to Camp WHATADOG. 
Spending time with my pack,  playing in the lake and having a family dog setting is exactly the thing that gave them peace of mind while they vacationed.
Thanks to my WHATADOG pack every dog has a pal to play with at camp.
Camp WHATADOG is an elite vacation for dogs that want to have fun and go home tired!!!

Board & Train WHATADOG style – The story of Gromit

March 10, 2009
Meet Gromit, a wonderful little dog that recently celebrated his one year birthday.  How could a 6 pound adorable little dog possibly do any wrong?  Ask any dog owner that has experienced raising a puppy!  Puppies require 100% consistency day in and day out, and let’s face it, puppies are puppies!  They want to explore the world, the electrical cords, the towels, the socks, the pillows and every other item in your home.  You must now consider any item in your home a very interesting object from a puppy’s point of view.

Team WHATADOG & Gromit during a training exercise

Team WHATADOG & Gromit during a training exercise

I began working with Gromit and his owners when he was approximately 3 months old.  Like so many, Gromit’s owners realized that puppies are a lot of work.  They have exposed Gromit to more training than most owners, probably more than they could have possibly imagined with private training, puppy classes, grooming and doggy daycare.  Yet, Gromit is still a canine with puppy traits that need proofing and continuous work on appropriate dog behavior.  Team WHATADOG to the rescue!

In effort to proof the chewing, barking, recall and various other unwanted behaviors, Gromit is now in his second week of WHATADOG bootcamp.  Living amongst the Team WHATADOG canines, which include Toula, Cole, Annie and Keegan, Gromit is learning appropriate dog behavior.  By providing Gromit with both the stimulation and calmness of my pack, he has been able to adapt to situations that otherwise sent him into various stages of unwanted behavior.  Living with my pack has afforded Gromit the priceless socialization of pack behavior.  Like all dogs, Gromit enjoys being part of the pack and acting appropriately has earned him acceptance with my dogs.  It has been interesting to see the changes in Gromit’s behavior, for instance: Rather than barking at something that apparently only Gromit hears, he has been quick to stop barking when the other dogs don’t join in.  When my dogs sit at the entry way by the door, Gromit sits right next to them, no longer forging for the outdoors.  Gromit has thrived in the board and train environment, and along the way, he has bonded with each of my dogs allowing him to be comfortable around dogs of all sizes, intensity levels and ages.   



Gromit & Keegan; a tired dog is a HAPPY dog

Gromit & Keegan; a tired dog is a HAPPY dog

Puppies are inquisitive creatures that take time and energy; they alter one’s life style and are dependant upon their human to succeed.    It is important to recognize these factors when considering bring a puppy into your home.  Remember, puppies turn into dogs, and a well behaved dog is a happy dog! Leadership, exercise, consistency and bonding are the key to a well behaved dog.