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It’s not just a sign…

March 27, 2012


I had to share this sign, it says it all!  I often get referred to as that “Dog Lady” when meeting new people or even better when someone introduces me,  and my typical response is “why yes I am! ”
I’ve alway acknowledged that there are far worse things to be called and at last this sign says it all!  Now if I could only find out where I could purchase the sign!

Is there such a thing as too many dog beds?

October 25, 2011


How many dog beds are in your home?  Dog beds are like shoes ……you can never have too many and there’s no such thing as an “everyday” one.  I like to give my dogs options when it comes to their comfort.
There are the beds that allow digging to ensure just the right fluff, Annie is very particular about her comfort, the fluffier the better! Then there’s the tiny square flannel bed that ensures warmth.   This bed allows the K9 body to curl up into a ball half its true size while sleeping and their nose is buried so deep that I wonder how they can breath:  Toula and Annie each have their own signature “ball snooze.”  When Keegan sleeps like this he basically looks like a dust ball.
Next is the orthopedic bed: let’s face it, this is a bed for all ages of dogs!  This is the Ahhhhh bed that beckons my dogs to sleep on their side and stretch out and enter the dream world.  Cole has recently taken a liking to this bed and I’m please to see the “point” dog get some Z’s!  Of course if Cole likes this bed then Max likes it too….there are no reservations for this bed as it is on a first come bases, the boys are starting to grasp this at bedtime.
Every home needs a dog bed that replicates a couch …the one with a cushion and sides.  Annie, Keegan and Max have select times of enjoying this bed,  Toula and Cole find it to be over rated and never sleep in it.  Toula’s favorite bed, if I dare call it that, is a leather chair that was purchased from the set of Cripple when we finished filming.   During filming Toula found the leather chair to be comfy, so I bought it for her. She certainly earned it! 
The most stylish dog bed is Annie’s thrown: a plush bean bag bed.  This bed is Annie’s and never has another dog ever even put a paw on it.  Not because of rules I’ve invoked, rather it is an understanding of the pack: only the Queen Annie shall lay in the thrown.   There was never a fight just a K9 understanding,  and I’m sure the rest of the dogs think its over rated anyway!
So what is the total dog bed count here at WHATADOG?  Dare I admit that there are at least twice as many beds as dogs?  And let’s not forget the summer “outdoor” beds for R&R while laying around the campfire…
So next time you see dog beds in a store ponder which one your dog would like….and what the heck buy it because you can never have enough dog beds!

So is your dog a morning dog or a night dog?

August 21, 2009

The question I ask you to ponder in the mist of your busy day; does your dog enjoying getting up at the crack of dawn or rather look at you like your a crazy human alarm clock interrupting a wonderful thing, her sleep?

I can say that Toula is definitely NOT a morning dog!  In fact, while the other four dogs,  seem to have no problem facing the day that awaits, Toula simply sleeps like an angle, only movement out of her is to go from the bedroom to the couch. She has the ability to sleep through much!

Now Cole on the other hand, OMG, he is my daily dose of IT’S A GREAT DAY, and the instant reminder how wonderful it is to be alive! Cole is like waking up to an instant rush of caffeine, the most beautiful sunrise you’ve ever seen, the largest dose of happy pill on the market and most of all, endless amounts of the extremely fast side wag of his tail that makes his little butt  go sideways with excitement.  It is no wonder that I require no caffeine to get my day started, I have Cole.  One hug from him and I am off to a great day!

Now Annie, she would rather relocate to another comfy bed and Keegan, he will be the 9 lb. shadow that goes where ever with who ever is awake!

I believe that Toula is rubbing off on Max, our wonderful foster dog.  He and Toula tend to think that mornings are when the good sleeping occurs, they do however, seem to come to life the minute they hear me pick up the food bowls!

So today, think about your dog, did you wake them up from happy dog dreams or did they greet you with endless excitement to start a whole new day of dog fun!