From shelter dog to movie dog in training!

They say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, or shall I say man’s best friend!  Meet Kelta, the new member of Team WHATADOG.  At 7 months old, Kelta was dumped at a shelter in Ohio during the night, the next morning she was found by shelter staff.  Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue took her into rescue and I adopted her after she had been in a foster home (this is the same rescue I adopted Cole from).

Meet Kelta, WHATADOG's new pack member

Meet Kelta, WHATADOG’s new pack member

Finding the attributes and temperament I was looking for in a dog, knowing that this dog will be a movie actor and will be a daily part of my private dog training business, was not something that I rushed into. Finding a dog that fits with your lifestyle is something I preach, and this certainly was no different even though I train dogs for a living.   After looking for nearly a year for my “next” dog, and oh boy I looked at many, Kelta was exactly what I wanted!  I knew what I was looking for:  I wanted a young dog that had lots of energy (yep, this is something most people don’t want!), loved people and had a very fast recovery with distractions.

Kelta’s not perfect, not yet, nor did she come trained, but right now we are concentrating on focus work, tons of socialization with both humans and K9s, and basic obedience with texture work

Another thing that was so important to me was that Kelta be able to learn from my dogs Annie, Toula and Cole.  And the K9 pack learning has been awesome thus far just as I assumed it would be.  So the training and bonding begin for a life of a movie dog, and yes, you will see Kelta on the big screen just like Toula and Cole. Kelta will also be a participating in WHATADOG private dog training with clients.

My biggest concentration is building a bond with Kelta, that is what owning a dog is all about, the bottom line is that she is my pet first and foremost, an assistant with my business and movie actor are only pluses that she will come to know over the years.  It is WHATADOG’s mission to educate and show the public that rescue dog’s are capable of becoming very, very special dogs!


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2 Responses to “From shelter dog to movie dog in training!”

  1. Patricia Harter Says:

    Christine, I am so happy for you in finding Kelta. She has found the very best home and owner, and having Annie, Toula and Cole as her pack is a dream come true for her. Thank you so much for sharing, Evan, Patty, Baron and Asta Harter

  2. Run A Muck Ranch Says:

    If you are ever looking for an incredibly stupid, very loveable, and will steal the show movie dog… have I got one for you! He was entered in the AZ’s Favorite Dog contest. We didn’t know that he would be required to do tricks at final judging. Kid you not, I practically had to carry this 50 pound teletubby down the red carpet (there were scarey chihuahuas along the sides after all) and then stood in front of the judges and said Slugger is incredibly stupid and will probably never do anything of measureable value his entire life. Go figure: Arizona’s Dog of the Year, 2012: Slugger!

    Amazing the treasures you can find at the pound 🙂 I wouldn’t trade this flatulent idiot for the world!

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