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Toula makes a special school appearance for a Special boy

February 15, 2010

Over the years, Toula and I have been invited to perform at numerous different venues, including the NASCAR Foundation, Live with Regis and Kelly, school assemblies and fundraising events.  Recently, I received an invitation from a very special 9 year old boy, Ethan.  Ethan called me and it was clear from the beginning of our conversation, he was very, very excited and informed me he was “Star Student” for the week at his school and because of this he got to have a special day.  He wanted Toula to come in and be part of his “special” day.  I believe he said, “Please” at least twenty times during our conversation. 

It wasn’t Ethan’s pleading with “please” that made me readily accept his request, he is my nephew and I was honored to be asked.  Ethan is the kind of boy that I love to be around, he makes me laugh till I cry and he is wise beyond his years. 

Read about our visit to Ethan’s class room, Toula and I had a great time and were happy to take part in his special day. 


Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and their K9 family members!  Remember that although we humans love chocolate, it is unsafe and toxic for dogs.  So please keep those chocolate kisses to yourself and share a hug instead with your pups!

Very concerning….Dog Park goers be aware, be alert and be proactive!

February 9, 2010

I received information today about an alert for those living in NYC who take their dogs to dog parks and runs and the threat of poisonous substances in or around these areas.  It is very important to always be alert of the environment in which we allow our dogs to play and also, to relieve themselves.   When I am traveling with my dogs, which is often, I tend to use rest areas to relieve my dogs. I do not walk directly through the “dog run” area due to safety reasons.  Be aware of what other owners have not picked up, other dog’s poo is not something you want your dog walking through.  Also avoid areas of standing water, this is not a healthy way to allow your dog to hydrate and pay attention to what is on the ground.  Do not allow your dog to eat the various items on the ground.  What does this mean for you as a dog owner?  Pay attention to your dog and the environment you subject them to, your dog’s safety is your responsibility.

Wed. Feb. 10, 2010- Christine and Toula on Fox 17 WXMI

February 9, 2010

See Christine and Toula live on WXMI FOX 17, on Wednesday, February 10, 2010 during the 8:00 am news hour.