It was great to work with little Simon

So long little Simon

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Simon while visiting his owner and trainer, Debbie Pearl of Paws for Effect, on a trip to LA.    Simon although small had a huge personality and was a very talented dog actor.  He became one of my favorite little dogs of the Paws for Effect pack.  Debbie did an awesome job training Simon.  Simon had plenty of studio time under is collar, including the work he did on the television show Dirty, Sexy, Money

Jimmy ,Toula and Simon hanging out before filming Animal Planet's THE HAUNTED

Recently, both Toula and I had the opportunity to work with Simon while filming Animal Planet’s show The Haunted.  Toula, Simon and another dog, Jimmy worked wonderfully together while filming the episode. 

Simon was a smart, witty dog with an awesome leg lift as seen in a commercial he recently did.

It was an honor to have been able to work with Simon.

Jimmy, Toula and Simon, working on head down


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