Feeling sick, hug a dog!

What a week this has been!  After feeling ill all last week, I finally went to the doctor on Monday only to learn that yes, I am sick….with bronchitis.  So I took the doctor’s advice, rest!  Considering that I had zero energy to do anything, the gym was the last thing on my mind and sleep was priority.  With out luring, or calling her name, the best medicine came to my aid; Toula.

I came home from the doctor and the need for sleep took over. Toula, the dog that never sleeps on the bed, jumped up on the bed in feather like fashion, not to disturb me, just simply to curl up by me and sleep.   She did this not just one day, but several as I recouped.  Even though the other dogs were happily playing in the lake with their balls and having a good time, Toula decided that it was far more rewarding to help me feel better.  And frankly, she did.  Just having her there was good energy, good medicine and a good way to make sure I followed doctor’s orders.

Dogs are amazing companions, and they seem to know exactly when to make you feel special and comfort you when it is needed most. I’m so fortunate to have my girl Toula!

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  1. Kristie Says:

    Way to go Toula!! Yep, our pets know when we aren’t feeling well and can be very comforting.
    Thank goodness for our pets!

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