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So is your dog a morning dog or a night dog?

August 21, 2009

The question I ask you to ponder in the mist of your busy day; does your dog enjoying getting up at the crack of dawn or rather look at you like your a crazy human alarm clock interrupting a wonderful thing, her sleep?

I can say that Toula is definitely NOT a morning dog!  In fact, while the other four dogs,  seem to have no problem facing the day that awaits, Toula simply sleeps like an angle, only movement out of her is to go from the bedroom to the couch. She has the ability to sleep through much!

Now Cole on the other hand, OMG, he is my daily dose of IT’S A GREAT DAY, and the instant reminder how wonderful it is to be alive! Cole is like waking up to an instant rush of caffeine, the most beautiful sunrise you’ve ever seen, the largest dose of happy pill on the market and most of all, endless amounts of the extremely fast side wag of his tail that makes his little butt  go sideways with excitement.  It is no wonder that I require no caffeine to get my day started, I have Cole.  One hug from him and I am off to a great day!

Now Annie, she would rather relocate to another comfy bed and Keegan, he will be the 9 lb. shadow that goes where ever with who ever is awake!

I believe that Toula is rubbing off on Max, our wonderful foster dog.  He and Toula tend to think that mornings are when the good sleeping occurs, they do however, seem to come to life the minute they hear me pick up the food bowls!

So today, think about your dog, did you wake them up from happy dog dreams or did they greet you with endless excitement to start a whole new day of dog fun!

Watch Take Five Live! Aug. 10 9am e.s.t.

August 10, 2009


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