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[gallery] Rescued dog Keegan          

We are very excited to introduce the newest Team WHATADOG member, Keegan.  Keegan is a rescued two year old yorkie-poo who we adopted  on Labor Day 2008.  Even though Keegan is only two years old, like many rescue dogs, he came with an unknown history; however, what we do know is that we are Keegan’s forth home. 


Keegan is in training for a K9 movie actor and over the next year, you will be able to follow his success as he learns new behaviors and watch a dog actor in the making.  From learning to sit to covering his eyes, as well as many other behaviors, Keegan will show you a rescue dog on his way from rags to riches.



With help from Toula, Cole and Annie, Keegan is one his way to learning how to be a good boy and getting well socialized with other dogs and humans. 


So far, Keegan has proved to be 8 pounds of a happy, lovable and smart little dog.  Stay posted for more updates!


If considering a new dog in your family, please open your heart to a rescue dog. 

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